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You use Youtube videos and, wait for it... JOE ROGAN to make your points for you. All over this forum. I'm all about social media, but far too often do I see people become dependent on others' opinions. Shape your own. I don't care if they're different than mine, at least you could speak intelligently on something. When was the last time you got stoned and read a book? A real book, to learn and better yourself. If the answer is within the last week, then I recant what I said.
You mean the mind-numbed Cheeto-loving Joe Rogan? Or the lazy Carl Sagan? That's my point, nowhere else do you see such vapid generalizations other than with cannabis use.

I'm alternating between 3 books right now I'm reading for leisure, separate from my Universities studies. Ram Dass' 'Be Here Now', Alan Watts 'The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are', & Christmas Humphreys book on Zen Buddhism.

So I'd ask you kindly to take your 1950's preconceived notions and re-examine them. Oh, and youtube is awesome.