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The Jets window of opportunity has been closed - they are a miserable team, they have miserable coaches, and misery likes company - so they "fearlessly attack players knees" something should be done - But what?

Scary thing is had they had anybody but Sanchise under center during their prime they may have won something
and yet we are still better than Miami.

we didn't lose either title game b/c of our QB. assuming Revis will come back healthy we still have an excellent young/in their prime core of players. This will not be the 10+ year rebuild project in Miami.

On the video and the thread, what a reach. Rex wants his players to play physical- shocking! and Laron landry claps all the time, he was supposed to know brittle Reggie was hurt again?(funny comment since laron is always hurt). stop whining.

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They're clapping for Rex Ryan's career with the Jets, which is going to be over in four months.
so you wish.