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why do you act like the dolphins are the yankees of the NFL? you have one postseason app(illegitimate according to you) since 2002, you have ZERO playoff wins since 2001, you haven't been close to a title game since 1994, you haven't played in a title game since 1992(smoked at HOME), you have just ONE more SB tha us and it was in the same era as our SB a million years ago so please hop out of the delorean and come back to 2012 where, once again, we are better than the dolphins.
since you love to puke on about "championship games" you lost, the fact of the matter is we have 4 SB appearances during the more legitimate post merger to your one in the 2 game post season, weak AFL era. Same difference if you're wearing thick green homer glasses.

let me repeat myself:
Superbowls: Dolphins 4, jest 1

If you can't accept that reality then just shut the **** up about your "championship" games (1 thanks to charity), cause they are not anywhere as relevent as making it to the superbowl especially in this post merger more competitive era.