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If you really need to do a study, just take a stroll around any poor area or public housing around any city of decent size. You will see all the proof you need. Be careful though.

And if you get a free Obama phone, just dont try and call him during a cookout ok.
Lol. But honestly, I don't think that would tell me anything. I don't imagine the difference between a lazy poor person and a tired, hard working poor person is visually distinctive.

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EBT is as popular as Oppa Gangnam Style. It's really getting out of hand. My wife works with medicaid every day. The stories she can tell will make your skin crawl. People driving land rovers and BMW's on medicaid. People with insurance and getting medicaid instead. It's become a big problem.
I would describe that as people taking advantage of the system though, and not people being dependent upon the system, wouldn't you?