You're probably already sick of political ads by now, what with the presidential election less than six weeks away, but a group of Barack Obama supporters are banking on the fact a new unorthodox spot they're releasing — starring Samuel L. Jackson and jarringly titled "Wake the F*** Up" — will get your attention.

(Check out an exclusive preview of the video, only on Yahoo!, above. And, yes, we are aware that this is a partisan video. When a clever pro-Romney video surfaces next, we promise to feature it on Yahoo! as well.)

The three-minute, 30-second ad, sponsored by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, is a play on the reading Jackson did last year of the satirical "children's book" Go the F*** to Sleep, which quickly went viral.
Greatest political ad ive ever seen.

And for the record: I dont care that its for Obama, i will always endorse Samuel Jackson interrupting grandparent sex to call them motherf... and convincing children to yell the f word out a window. Every single time.