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Zonk is learning quickly about where to ****.

He's pretty good about not barking/whining at night too.

Now, if I could just do something about his nails & teeth ****ing my arms up when I'm playing with him. (He did finally decide yesterday that he likes tug-of-war.)

Thus far, Zonk is quickly learning:
- Outside? (Do you need to go potty?)
- Sit.
- Off. (Quit chewing on me/furniture/shoes.)

He's highly motivated by both praise and treats, & he's pretty damn smart. He's gonna be one helluva great dog when he matures a bit!
Great to see you are making progress. Hang in there it takes a little time and patience.
When we had 2 of our dogs born it was December in Ohio. Nothing like potty training 2 dogs in the winter.