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LOL. That was midly funny. This CULT can go **** themselves. I'm out. Not sure why I ever wanted to debate you losers...

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I hope you die in a horrible car wreck loser. (Not really, but it seemed fitting at this point.) LOL, no wonder why so many REAL posters flee to the OTHER site.
As for you no republicans post here bs..... I post a lot of conservative views. I post some liberal views as well. People disagree with me plenty. I debate with them and its all good. Problem is, some people just cant handle having opposing views on some issues. Those people are ****ing weak. I get more pissed about people trying to tell me play calling was bad than someone suggesting liberal environmental views. Some **** just isnt as serious as football.

You call this site a "cult" as compared to that disgusting other site.... Thats laughable. Thats a group of ****ing homers who cant stand opposing views. Not only that,....... well I will leave that other **** alone. But, I have no respect for anyone that posts there who knows certain truths about certain people there. Its a ****ing disgrace. But, hey if thats your cup of tea.... enjoy.