For the 4th straight game we showed we were better than our opponents for that Sunday. Unfortunately, this is only the 2nd time we got the win. The best part about the game was, there really wasn't that much to complain about. Don't get me wrong, there were issues but nothing as glaring as in weeks past.

Let's start out with Ryan Tannehill. I said this in the game chat I created, it is CRIMINAL that he only has 2 TD passes. For the second straight week, Tanny was pretty much doing whatever he wanted and was doing it against a very good defense. Even though he had a ton of yards last week, I think this was his best game to date. When WV calls you his man, you know you are doing something good.

While the stats for the run game weren't great, there were positive signs. Reggie didn't look totally healthy, and danced a little too much. He also showed signs of life. Daniel Thomas also showed a bit more patients running. Stats weren't anything to write home about, but at least he wasn't running straight into the back of his linemen.

Speaking of the OL, Incognito and John Jerry had a few rough spots with the stunting of the Cincy DL. Jerry got blown up badly by Geno Atkin for a huge sack, but I think Incognito actually had the worse day. Had a bad brain fart on the 3rd play of the game where there was a DE/DT twist and instead of letting his man go to Jake, he followed leading to Michael Johnson having a free shot at Tanny.

Hartline and Bess didn't have the games they've been having the last few weeks but were still solid. Hopefully Gaffney can be the third WR we desperately need.

Charles Clay had a bad drop and made a stupid decision of going out of bounds when we needed to eat up the clock, but he's gonna get beat up a lot for that so I'm not going to harp to much of that. I am however gonna give him props for the one tough catch he made that Tanny got lit up on, and doing a great job on the screen called for him. While there are still issues he has to work through, having him more involved in the pass game is huge for us.

Before I go to the defense, I have to take a little time to give Carpenter some crap. Dude is officially a huge liability until he proves otherwise. 50+ yard FGs aren't gimmes but he's missing from 45 out. I don't like feeling nervous whenever our kicker comes out for what should be an easy 3 points. Ever since he grew his hair out and started looking like a sleezebag he's started to struggle, maybe he should look into a hair cut.

On defense, Nolan Carroll gets the biggest props from me. Nobody has taken more flak on this board than him over the last few years. Every one of his 3 seasons people on the forum were questioning why he is on the team. Well, you did good today. Carroll looked like a very confident CB out there and made it tough for whoever he went up against. My hat is off to you.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy Wilson looked fairly good in the slot. RJ Stanford also did admirably in the few snaps he got while Carroll was out with injury.

Let's not forget Sean Smith whose been quietly having a very good year. It continued today as he did a good job keeping AJ Green in check. Nothing he could do on Green's TD.

I will give props to Chris Clemmons, he made a few nice plays in the passing game.

I honestly think Reshad Jones is having a borderline pro bowl year. Made a clutch INT (even if it was an easy one), and is an absolute force in the running game. Amazing what happens when you use a player to his strengths rather than their weaknesses huh?

Speaking of borderline pro bowlers, there aren't many SLBs having better years than Koa Misi. Still can't cover worth crap (as evident by the 4 and 2 conversion to Jermaine Gresham) but he's making plays in the run game.

What can you say about the D-Line? It only got stronger with McDaniel coming back. Cam Wake is getting to the QB, and Randy Starks is an absolute stud. Great game.

Final Conclusion? The coaching staff is doing a great job with what they have... as most of us know. There is a lot to like about this team. Obviously still things that need to be worked on and talent does need to be upgraded, but you cannot say this team isn't prepared, nor can you call them underachievers or heartless. WHen was the last time you could say that about the Fins? Enjoy the week and get ready for a tough opponent next week in the Rams. The offense doesn't scare me, but that defense will take cheap shots and is very physical.