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Of the 13 who have voted "no" it would be nice to learn their thinking why. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion and I can certainly understand the "it's too soon to say" voting, but as a fellow-long sufferer IMO it's hard not to get excited by all our players in the top 15 performance rankings and our promising young QB proving himself under pressure.

Is it the fact that we haven't closed the deal but once? Or possibly enemy fans coming on here to screw up the voting through wishful thinking (that's why I always make my poll voting identifiable). Or maybe is it that T17 is not Luck or RG3who they're still so emotionally dug in on and still not over, no matter how impressively Ryan's progressed in such a short time.

Sorry, I am a cynic by nature who often suspects the worst motives but that's just me. Either way it would be edifying to hear the reasoing from some of the legitimate "no voters."

Call it Ireland hate clouding their judgement