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Wow Junc! You sure have done a 360 on your view of bad calls and lucky breaks.

The Holmes and Cruz play were completely different situations. Cruz went down on his own with not much time left in the game. The officials had reason to believe that he was declaring himself down. I think the Cruz play was a bad call since Cruz did not know the rule and he thought he was touched down. Holmes went down because he got injured and it was at the beginning of the 4th quarter. He threw the ball away in under a second after he hit the ground. That is not declaring yourself down. That is a stupid play. Even if Holmes intended to give himself up, there was no way for the officials to determine if he was declaring himself down since he tossed the ball away so quickly. He was not down, and he was not declaring himself down. You could argue that it was an illegal forward pass, but Holmes did not declare himself down.

The Epps play was very close, but I would agree with you that it was a bad call.

You are way off on the Tampa call. Mike Williams barely got his second foot down before he was knocked out of bounds. He was bobbling the ball the whole time and never demonstrated possession. Take a look at it again:


You can get a good look at the 3:15 mark.

I'm not getting into the Manningham reception again. You can go back to that other thread and read all about why that was a catch.
Cruz thought he fumbled, manning thought the game was over. he didn't give himself up, Holmes couldn't move b/c he was hurt, he was given up.

Mike Williams caught the ball, got his feet down then was hit where the ball came loose.

it wasn't a catch by the rulebook which was posted numerous times in that other thread. The bottom line is this, switch the teams and the calls change. heck the biggest difference btw the Jets in the '10 title game and NYG in '11 was on an extremely close play they rules Sanchez's pass a fumble and they blew the whistle on Ahmad Bradshaw's fumble late in the game. Those close plays go the other way and NYG doesn't have a SB and we might have made it.