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Why would he tell us that if he thought it should have been ruled a catch? He told us that becasue he knows that he has to maintain control throughout the process of contacting the ground. He never even had to worry about hitting the ground becasue he dropped it long before that. He caught it in the air (bobbled it) got 2 feet down before getting hit and the ball came out. You can have control of the ball (even with ball movement when you hit the ground), but you obviously can not have control of the ball when it falls out of your hands and hits the ground.
but who cares what he says? is he going to whine about it after the fact>? how does that help TB? if he possesses it after the hit the play never gets reviewed. On a sideline play you needed to maintain control all the way through(which Manningham did not in the SB), on this play he caught it and ran w/ it. The rule is different, he can lose after being hit as long as he had possession and took 2 steps which he did.