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So then you agree Ireland is responsible for RT and Philbin then? Hey also I was looking forward to reading your breakdowns of the Jets and Arizona games. Are you still going to do that?
Why would Ireland be responsible for Philbin? That coach search was conducted by the owner and it was the owner who hired him, and Philbin is not even answerable to Ireland on the team org chart.

Ryan Tannehill yes he gets credit for pulling the trigger there. Although that was an insanely easy trigger to pull considering who the coaches were.

The breakdowns are not going well. I'm going to be honest the NFL's schedule is ****ing me over. They don't release All 22 footage until noon on Wednesday which means all I have is Wednesday night to break it down because if I'm still not done Thursday then all the sudden there's a Thursday Night Football game on and they black out NFL Rewind during that broadcast. Then I'm into Friday and I usually have people I'm getting together with Friday night. It's really become much more a pain in my ass than I had initially envisioned. I have a 9 to 5 job that works out to be more like 8 to 7, I think everyone knows how that goes.