When you are drafting in the middle rounds you aren't going to find many prospects with everything. In those rounds teams tend to look for players with some preferred traits, because they can not get them all. Once again, I think it would be helpful to re-read my initial post where I thought it was clear that I am talking about our marquee #1 draft pick--not our middle round picks. Of course, they will want size there too, but the reality is that the middle round picks will be much harder to find that size and some of what they want will be sacrificed. This is why I mentioned someone like Cordarelle Patterson would be ideal, but would be hard to get in the middle rounds.

As for listed heights ... I simply ask you to notice the next time Randall Cobb stands next to James Jones and let me know if that looks like only a 3" difference to you. Does Greg Jennings look 4" shorter than Jordy Nelson to you? The listed heights and weights of players aren't always completely accurate. Some players they want to create the perception that they are not small, while others they want to create the perception that they are not big, still others the perception that they are not fast. IMHO, it doesn't make a difference when a team fiddles with listed heights/weights, but teams still do it.

Yes, I consider James Jones a big receiver. I consider Green Bay's main WR's to be Jennings, Nelson, Jones, and now Cobb. Of those I see Cobb--listed at 5'10"--as the one that stands out from a size/agility perspective.

I agree that if Marquise Lee were coming out this draft I think he would be very highly rated by everyone. He is a very talented receiver and will be highly sought after when he eventually does enter the draft.