Post 'em here.

For myself, I agree with Romney's campaign that debates these days are almost exclusively about moments and the storyline that eventually emerges from them. Whether practiced "zingers" does the trick or not is another matter, but the substance of the issues certainly takes a backseat to sighs or jacket bulges or gaffes or the multitude of body language garbage (or Joe the Plumber, which truly ranks as a low moment in presidential debate history, imo).

But those depressing realities aside, it should be interesting to watch. Obama is easily annoyed and greatly dislikes debating and Romney is pretty much the same, only with a more uncomfortably forced smile and more stammering.

I'll be watching the debate and post debate discussion on CNN. To those of you watching on MSNBC and Fox News... would you mind posting a summary of their post debate analysis? It would help getting a head start on how this will play out over the next few days.