I don't disagree, but this is a nonsensical fear tactic.

It is a fact that in the US that patients spend the vast amount of money in the last months of life. Ask any critical care physician and they will tell you that end of life care needs to change in the US as we are spending horrendous amounts of money to extend someones life by a week or two.

Right now all you need is for two doctors to sign off and you can pull someone off of life support. A death panel of two if you will.

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I can see why, never understood why none of the respectable Republicans stood this time around, but could be worse you could have to choose between Palin or Obama I think I shall bow out of politics on a US forum now though, you lot would just be angered by my "British Conservative" views on Universal Healthcare.
Universal (Single Payer) Healthcare is the only sensible way to do healthcare, but the US will never do it.