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LOL like your threads are non partisan,
Sorry but the mis-direction approach isn't working anymore, the folks are not that nieve. Kill the messenger because you have nothing of substance to stand on beside exhuberation over job numbers that are still just as unbelievably pathertic. Great job mister President 7.8% with 2 month left in his term.....We are all so thrilled at a accomplishment wow can't wait for another 4 years,...... and leading from behind in world affairs.....BRILLIANT.....Gee interesting concept leading from behind strange it's taken all these years to figure that one out..........lol
This says it all when people are satisfied or don't even see mediocrity, and I'm afraid mediocrity is giving to much credit
Are you sure you understand what partisan means? There's no misdirection. I'm simply not going to debate with someone who is incapable of being objective...