Its ON bitches!!!! This race is now wide open. Obama was straight up DESTROYED by Romney in this debate on basically each and every topic presented. Some great lines as Romney straight up bitch slapped Obama on several occasions. When Obama was talking about some completely nonsensical BS about businesses and taxes overseas and Romney hit him with....... "Ive been in business 25 years and I dont know what youre talking about." I LOST!!!! HARD!!!!


Poors, get your work boots out. If you can find them that is. I know they have been stored away somewhere for over 3 years now. I know all of you are sweating your balls off now worried that Romney is going to put your asses back to work.

No longer will my working class Mrs. and I have to go shopping, spend almost one fifth of one of our paychecks on groceries for a couple of weeks and watch some lazy bum get the same amount of food for free. These people will be working and contributing to society, paying their share of taxes, instead of freeloading off us middle class folks. Its going to be great. In fact, I may not even have to set foot in WalMart myself anyway once Romney gets in. He should give me enough of a break that I can shop exclusively at Kroger.

Lets ****ing GO!!!!!!!!!

How bout Obama's face all night. Head down with that smirk as he took shot after shot on the ****ing chin. Great TV. That was better than watching the phins run it down the Faiders throats all day. Obama is the Faiders of the white house come to think of it. Worst president Ive ever seen and thats saying A LOT considering we had to look at W. for 8 years.

Someone needs to remind Obama that Romney is not Bush. Thats Obama's only defense before his pathetic performance. Blame everything on Bush and compare Romney to Bush. Its a joke. Obama also really needs to quit with comparing himself to Clinton. You sir are no Bill Clinton. Not even close.

Meantime Romney has been a beast in the business world for years and then turned Mass. around as Governor of that state. He is the man we need running things right now. FACT.