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electing a new guy gives us hope. no one is saying romney is the best candidate ever. he may or may not turn out to be a good president but he gives a new hope. what we have now has not worked for the past 4 years and what exactly has happened in the last 4 years that makes u believe things are going to get much better?

its like a football team hiring a new coach( and no im not saying a new coach is just as important as the leader of the most powerful country on earth). when a team does poorly after so many years, they fire the leader ( the head coach) and replace him with a new one. now does that mean that the new leader( head coach) is going to come in and automatically take that poor team and turn them into a powerhouse? no, he can also fail, but at least u tried something new to see if things can get turned around.

nothing has improved under obama in this country, the unemployment rate is exactly where it was at when he took office now after almost 4 years in office, and until now has been above 8 percent.

of course though i am expecting nothing more from your response as to '' this is such a pathetic post, i wont even both reading it''.

if this is the type of guy u like leading your country, then god bless u
A you want to vote for someone who is the greatest flip flopper in history. I don't even know what he stands for, changes his tune so often depending on the audience.

Now your comparing electing a football coach to electing a president. SMH.