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I think the Dolphins will win too. Not because of past performances in Cincinnati because it doesn't really mean much as they were different teams, but for others factors.
For those that think I'm just a doom and gloom fan, well there you go..

I'm about 85-90% bang on with the Dolphins, whether yay or nay, whether positive or negative, I know the team very well. I have a good read on this team, other times I have no comment when it's too close. But when I give an opinion on who I actually think will win I'm 90% right (said KC game would be Miami's first win last year, Had both New England and Houston covering the spread vs Miami on opening weekend this year and last year, told the pom pom wavers that Cleveland would likely beat Miami the last two years during those weeks before the game, and many other examples)..

But you see, the Dolphins are a good bet sometimes too, just have to know when to pick the spots -- they're also a great team to bet against, and again, you have to know when to pick the spots. But you can bet on them too with the right "spot" and proper matchup and timing. This week was one of them and they made me big $$$ on the "Moneyline" (I bet Miami straight up not taking the points for bigger winnings ;-) --

ps- last week was one of the very rare occasions Miami didn't come through for me as they covered the spread. But Arizona still won and with the way things were going I hit on Arizona on a Live bet when overtime started to win the game. The Dolphins are also a great team to bet for and against for "live betting" as the game is going on.