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pats are deff much better than there record indicates, and if u have watched tenn play this year they ****ing blow.
In other words your using a double standard. Teams with a better record for you aren't as good as their record says they are and teams with a worse record are as bad as their record says they are.

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Our strength of schedule is 20th; next 7 games: Cincy, St Louis Bye Week Jets Titans Bills Seahawks ...is that not an easy run?
The Rams don't look to easy right now. 3-1 Cincy, 3-2 Rams, 2-2 Jets, 1-3 Titans, 2-2 Bills, 2-2 Seahawks...13-12 combined...better than .500.

The strength of schedule I use is for the season, not just who we've played but if our strength of schedule is 20th after playing a 4-0 Houston team, a 1-3 Oakland team, a 2-2 Jets team and a now 4-1 Arizona team for a combined record of 11-6 (.647 winning percentage) then I'd like to know who the 19 teams with a tougher schedule in front of us have played.