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Thread: Reality Check: The Real Numbers Behind Romney and Obama's Deficit Plans

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    Reality Check: The Real Numbers Behind Romney and Obama's Deficit Plans


    Neither of these guys have a sound fiscal policy. Both will bring us the same irresponsible, big spending government. Pick your poison.

    "Politics is the Art of Looking for Trouble, Finding it Everywhere, Diagnosing it Incorrectly, and Applying the Wrong Remedies"
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    Gary Johnson all the damn way... Can't stand these 2 clowns.

    Check out this interview with Gov. Johnson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=BX0EMau8GZY

    Submitting a balanced budget to Congress is crucial. Defense spending should be DEFENSE spending, NOT OFFENSE! Time to scale back the military machine - the true cause of our debt crisis.
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    It's a free time waster.
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