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Thread: Gannon impressed with phins/tannehill, says philbin ran best camp he ever saw

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    said it hte 2nd it happened, NaNaee caused the INT, the ****ing **** didn't run the route right, didnt' finish it, than doesn't go after the ball and waits for the ball.

    The biggest downfall of our season isn't ANYONE or ANYTHING BUT Ireland. You are tlelin gme a baboon running this offseason wouldn't come away with 1 decent DB and WR and woulddn't have cut NaNaee after practice #1?

    and you BETTER believe he did nothing to get Tanne in Miami, i can promise you it was all the HC, OC, and Ross NOOOOOT ****land. If that ****ing baboon had his way it would have been status quo with Gerrard as the new guy.

    Biggest downfall in Miami history is that dip ****. I think finheaven should have a national party when this **** face gets fired one day. No Joke, I think the Finheaven front page should have balloons and champagne and all sorts of crap like that just to celebrate a great day in Miami Dolphins history. I bet you will see record breaking traffic on thsi board too so the admin and mods would like it

    In my entire life of EVERYTHING I have never see a grou pof people get abanner and fly it saying pleae fire someone. That shows how much hate he has brought to a proud franchise and frustration to a fan base already frustrated for over a decade. if it weren't for Tannehill this season would have been an utter DISgRACE and to have ****land take credit for it is a crime in itself
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    I think the problem with sparano was he had no direction or real system. He had the ground and pound mentality. That's why we were drafting linemen left and right. Phil in has made it clear what kind of team and players he wants. Now that Ireland, or whoever, has picked tannehill and he seems to be the real deal he can now build around him. I think the future is looking a whole lot brighter with the amount of picks we got in the first 3 rounds
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    Props 2u

    Ok so far Gannon likes RT17, Marino thinks we can built a team around him, Warner likes him a lot and Jaws loves him. I know I've missed a few; sometimes it's hard to keep focus when Ryan's hard-wired detractors are clouding the air misfiring on the smoke they're trying to blow up everyone else's azzes. Either way, that's not a bad group of SB starting QBs and (sometimes) savvy analysts who are in his corner, eh?

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