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It amazes me that when the facts hit you dead smack in the face, your recourse is to call the greatest performance by any Dolphins in history is somehow a fluke. Was Oakland a fluke to ? Or how bout when he bombed Cromatie for what should have been the game winner if the damn kicker just made the kick.

So now out of 32 teams, a guy has a performance like he did, and automatically it's fluke. So why didn't the countless other receivers who has worn the Jersey not get a fluke performance like that? I guess the Fluke Gods' only like Hartline. LMAO.

So 752 combined yards after 4 games is a fluke. Do you know the odds of this been a fluke? Do you know what all that has to go right for this to happen. Like Parcells always said, luck is a great measurement for always being prepared.
Yes. A fluke. That's exactly what it is when so many of those yards came from one game that Hartline luckily pulled out of his ass. And then when Hartline disappears again like he always does despite being targeted more than every other receiver in the league except one, we can stop the foolishness. Hartline is not a number 1 WR. He'll continue to put up solid numbers since he's targeted more than everyone else but 1 other guy, but he's not a number 1 WR, and will disappear against top corners again and again like he did against Revis and Jonathan Joseph.

Just SMH at anyone who thinks WR is all of a sudden not a huge need for us.