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Yes. A fluke. That's exactly what it is when so many of those yards came from one game that Hartline luckily pulled out of his ass. And then when Hartline disappears again like he always does despite being targeted more than every other receiver in the league except one, we can stop the foolishness. Hartline is not a number 1 WR. He'll continue to put up solid numbers since he's targeted more than everyone else but 1 other guy, but he's not a number 1 WR, and will disappear against top corners again and again like he did against Revis and Jonathan Joseph.

Just SMH at anyone who thinks WR is all of a sudden not a huge need for us.
Did someone say we didn't still need a receiver, what's wrong with liking our good players. So you don't think we should be happy with Hartline? Just yes or no? No double talk about what we need.