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So you don't give a **** that you're wrong all the time. Interesting... The reason you're wrong all the time is ridiculous aqua threads like this overreacting because of a single fluke game having you believe that Hartline is a #1 WR. He's not. And if we have the misfortune of sitting through another Jeff Ireland offseason, he should be fired immediately if one isn't drafted in the first 2 rounds.
It's your opinion I'm wrong all the time, just because you say does not make it true. And right now Ireland is proving oranges like you wrong every week. It's just a matter of time before all his moves start to pan out and we become the team he build.

And like I said, I don't give a **** about how often you perceived I've been wrong. You flaw homey, stop acting tough on a message board. If I didn't like this site so much, I would say some **** to you and not care if I get banned or not. ****ing computer wannabe bullies.