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Well take this offseason. i thought it was one of his better drafts but he ignore Wr in draft which seemed quite stupid when you are drafting your 3rd rb and Te and are not addressing a position that you will need every play. He had all season to try to address wr after he traded Marshall and he did basically nothing, There were solid values at receiver that could have improved this team but he went dumpster diving. His free agency with exceptions of players already here was quite horrible. How many of these guys are even on the team still
Ask any GM, when you start drafting on needs as oppose to best available players you will have problems. After the Marshall trade, Hartline was destine to be #1 and Best #2. And right now Ireland was right. They are THE #1 TANDEM IN THE LEAGUE. Again, his #1 receiver currently lead the league in yardage. So please explain to me where was he wrong. Ill repeat the receivers he stuck to his gun with, and when everyone was crying about making desperation moves for a WR, he didn't budge, and NOW THEY LEAD THE LEAGUE AS A TANDEM. How can we keep beating this dead horse about lacking of receiving option. Now, all we need is a third option to emerge, which I guaranteed you will happen shortly. The fact is his Top 2 Receivers are performing like we all would want our top 2 receivers to perform. Why can't we move on to the next topic. Everybody was crying how our Receiver would suck, but so far they have proven to be wrong, but yet I'm the wrong one for saying that's not the case, and they are now proven to be wrong. I guess if the coin was flip and they were in the bottom of the league, people would be on here popping bottles and setting off fireworks because they were right all along.

It doesn't matter if they are still here because it validates his draft choices even more. All the F.A. were sign to one year veteran minimum deals and they had to compete for a roster spot, and they couldn't beat it out Ireland draft selections, so that's a good thing. Good teams no longer rely on F.A. It's all about developing your young talent. Period, end of story.