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Ok lets look at our targets this year.
Hartline 47
Bess 32
Fasano 23
Bush 12
Armstrong 9

Last year
Marshall 145
Bess 83
Hartline 67
Fasano 54
Bush 52
Clay 25

Neither of these look anything like Green Bays so called spreading the ball around. Hartline has been targeted more than any receiver in the NFL this year and has 1/3 more targets than the second receiver. Last year Marshall had 42 percent more of the targets than the number 2 but the ball was obviously overall more spread around than this year. Its early in the year and will change some but its obvious who our number one target is. So far the spread has been nothing close to what they have in Green Bay .

The main point Im gonna make is there is a reason that Marshall was targeted so many times. I have this wild theory. He was the best receiver on our team by far and was open the most. Just because teams consider a player the number one receiver they are not going to throw it to him over and over if he is not open or has a chance to make a play. We spread the ball around quite a bit last year , the reason Green Bay's targets are so close is because their talent is so close.

The previous year
Jennings was targeted 125 times while JAmes Jones was targeted 87 times and Driver 84. The Packers like any other team will throw to their best receiver more than anybody else. The number last year are also skewed because Jenning missed three games.
Not 100% sure your point. You are right, we look nothing like GB spreading the ball around the past two years. And what has been our record? 7-13 over that period of time. What was GBs record in 2011 when they didn't spread the ball around as much in 2012? 10-6...as compared to 15-1 when it was spread around more in 2012.

Miami's main problem this year is not that they don't have a #1 WR, it is that they don't have a legitimate 3rd WR to throw to. The Dolphins don't need another Brandon Marshall to target all the time. They have tried that and it doesn't work. Miami just needs a 3rd reliable option. Nannee and Armstrong have both been an epic failure!

Your theory on targeting Marshall so much sounds great, if it were only true. When did Miami start winning games last year? When they stopped targeting Marshall so much. Miami was 1-6 last year when targeting Marshall 9 times or more and 5-4 when targeting him less than 9 times.

Under the Ireland/Sparano regime lasting 4 seasons (2008-2011):

Miami's Overall Record: 31-33 (plus 0-1 in playoffs)

Miami's record without Brandon Marshall: 19-15 (.559 winning percentage)

Miami's record with Brandon Marshall: 12-18​ (.400 winning percentage)

Miami's PPG (Points Per Game) Offense 2008-2011 (64 games): 20.4

Miam's PPG without Brandon Marshall in 34 games: 22.0

Miami's PPG with Brandon Marshall in 30 games: 18.6