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Thread: SHHH!!!! It's Quiet! Hi oranges. Smack!

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    Always loved Bess-Hartline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphins7273 View Post
    Threads like these are just asking for it.
    You're so right. I always seems to just step in it. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZYDOLFAN305 View Post

    It amazes me that when the facts hit you dead smack in the face, your recourse is to call the greatest performance by any Dolphins in history is somehow a fluke. .
    and less than 10 catches and 100 yards total in his next 3 games combined. Amazing what happens when attention is given to him from a safety eh ?? In other words, he's a #3 or #4 WR on a good offense... as I've said for years ..

    Legitimate #1 WR's can consistently work through and beat double teams, hartlime cannot as he's very limited in his routes and needs tons of space for the route tree that he runs (that's limited as well -- because his talent is very limited). In fact, he's not even good in 1-on-1 press coverage without any help. He ONLY looks decent when a corner is laying back with no help. Otherwise he's sub-mediocre as a starting WR. Always has been, and always will be.

    And to finalize, yes, it was a total fluke. It was obvious for anyone who saw no attention given to him early.

    Keep it coming. It amuses me how you overrate every player on the team and think this team is loaded with playmakers. How's your boy slow poke Fasano doing (who you believe is a Top 5 tight end in the nfl ?) . lol
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