Hey Joe, are you listening?
So will Philbin after his decision cost the Dolphins. Jets kicker Nick Folk had his 33-yarder blocked by Randy Starks, but the whistle had sounded just before that as Philbin signaled a timeout. Folk then hit the retry in overtime.
"I thought it was the right call," Philbin said. "I was planning all along to call timeout right before he kicked the ball. ... Typically we’re going to ice the kicker."
But why? Where’s the edge?
In fact, it could work to a kicking team’s advantage because the "warm-up" attempt can give the kicker a feel for the wind and the footing. It can give away the defense’s strategy for trying to block the field goal. It provides the center with a practice snap.
Most kickers say icing has no effect, and some welcome it because they get a "mulligan." Billy Cundiff, now with Washington, probably wishes he had been iced by the Patriots in last year’s AFC championship game before he rushed and missed a 32-yarder that would have tied it in the waning seconds for Baltimore.