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To you I would not be considered middle of the road because you are just way over to the extreme right. I considered voting for McCann at one point. That ended when he choose Palin as his running mate. I would consider myself liberal on some issues, conservative on others.
You make a habit out of being right, huh?

I'm a extreme right winger that thinks our democratic governor of NY, Andrew Cuomo, is the best gov we have had in decades?

I'm an extreme right winger that believes in a women's right to choose, and gay rights?

I'm an extreme right winger that despises the two major parties, and won't even watch the debates until they let the libertarian into them?

I'm an extreme right winger for believing our war machine is a racket, believing we spend WAY TOO MUCH on defense, and subscribing to Gary Johnson's form of foreign policy?

Those beliefs that i argue for here everyday make me an extreme right winger only to an "independent" that is more to the left of every other independent in existence.
When is the last time you heard me back up either of the two major parties except for Cuomo?

I am fascinated by how many people insist they are independent, yet VERY CLEARLY are not, and every other post is as partisan as can be...yeah you're an independent alright.