Ryan Tannehill probably has probably saved Jeff Ireland's job witht the Dolphins. The kid can obviously play, could be a real star in this league.
Imagine if we could get a primmere WR9sucks to think what could have been with B.Marshall here) and a TE through free agency or the draft on the same field with Bess, Hartline, and Bush.

My argument to keep Ireland is not to ignore his failings, and they are many, but to admit that he hit on the biggest priority. A legitimate NFL QB who
could be something special.

What if we get rid of Ireland. A new GM would bring in a new coach and Off Coord. That could stunt Tannehill's growth. Let's keep the same coaching staff that he's comfortable with and hope that Ireland can find a WR,TE, and some other needs to take us to the next level.