Agents JR Rickert and Peter Schaffer have had issues with former partners in the past, but they have moved on and have formed Authentic Athletix which is a top-10, perhaps even top-5 company for representing NFL players.

The battle that has begun between Authentic Athletix and Ireland revolves around client Artis Hicks. Hicks was signed this past off-season, but his career looks to be over. Miami is trying to not pay his $1.2 million salary as an injury has forced him to end his Dolphins career. Miami says the acute herniation in his neck that forced him out of action was in fact a pre-existing injury that was hidden by Hicks and his people.
Hicks disagrees, and rumor is he is going to file a grievance on Monday to recoup the money. Miami points to a 2006 x-ray they recently got their hands on which could show the injury was pre-existing. Hicks will point to the fact that he played many games (and never missed practice) since then so the injury was only career-ending now, plus since he played through this before it is possible he plum forgot about the 2006 x-ray so he did not knowingly hold back any info when signing with the Dolphins a few months ago.