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Because things get real stupid real quick here. And your thread here, is typical of it. You talk about personal, but yet you just did it yourself. I could careless about half of what you write. But sitting back reading the game day thread, then the post game thoughts. It shows your biases. Your so caught up in your own BS, you can't see it. But many others here do.

Take a break and walk away from the comp for abit. You have no more 'deep analysis' than anyone else here. You are someone who sticks to the same narrative through thick and thin. And its getting old. You just don't like getting called on it.
I love a discussion of what is happening on the field...perhaps you should keep it that way.

Good luck...I suggest we keep it to things on the field. Personal attacks are not permitted. Not sure how much I should take from you.

Thanks for reading my stuff though. I appreciate it.