What a victory! How great is it to see the phins come through in a huge spot like that? An almost must win game early in the year and our defense comes through in the end this time with the game on the line. Nice.

Hell yea. Phins fans it looks more and more like we will be watching meaningful football games in the latter part of the season. Im getting a hard on just thinking about it. But, we have to follow this up with a victory next week thanks to that epic loss to the Jests. That thing will continue to haunt us until we get out of the hole. I cant say enough how crushing of a defeat that was to our overall positioning.

Lets talk about this win over the Bungles and some of its specifics.......

1) Walt Coleman can die in a fire. **** Walt Coleman. Seriously, he should be thrown screaming from a helicopter. WTF was that? How much money was he being paid by the Bungles? Seriously. One or two bad calls is one thing, but a multitude of game shifting plays that even WENT TO REPLAY where it was so obvious what the result shouldve been and yet this guy comes back with a completely WRONG answer. What was he watching in that booth?

The very first horrible call where Starks got the fumble was one I was like, OK.... I can see how a ref could blow the whistle there and call in the grasp.... I get it. But, after that it was one pile of horse**** after another.

The fumble recovery on the sideline was total horse****. Bungles player clearly never possessed that thing till he was touching the sideline. The touchback on the punt was HORRIBLE. Bungles player steps on the line for one thing, then the ball clearly crosses the plane, but the most obvious was the part the announcers didnt even mention. Watch that thing again and the Bungles players hand CLEARLY scrapes the white endzone line as he hits the ball back. Thing is it didnt even have to while he was touching the ball. Just the fact his hand clearly scrapes the line(you can see dirt kick up!!) means he cant touch the ball without it being a touchback. Terrible.

The AJ Green call was BS too. No way in hell did he regain possession of that thing before going down. Seriously, that was some of the worst officiating ever. When you have the benefit of replay and still get it wrong, youre clearly on the payroll. How else does he just happen to call all of those in favor of the Bungles?

2) Ryan Tannehill is the ****ing MAN!!!!! Dude is already better than a lot of starters in this league. I hope this isnt this kids celing, and I doubt it is considering how little experience he has playing QB, because if he continues to get better he will be a very good and perhaps great NFL QB. Were in good shape here my friends. This kid is the real ****ing deal. Anyone who wants to talk **** about Tannehill you better be trolling because I will be there for the smackdown. Tannehill is my man fifty grand.

How bout a couple of those plays where he slides PERFECTLY away from the pressure and finds the perfect space to throw a strike downfield!!! Kid is a PLAYER!!! Any game where he dosent turn the ball over the other team is going to have a tough time defeating us and I dont give a **** who it is.

As hot as Lauren is, she better stay on her heals because she isnt good enough for Ryan. He keeps this **** up, in a few years he is going to have to consider trading up for an equal of Tom Brady's old lady.

3) For the first time I completely disagreed with one of Philbin's game management decisions. Going for a 53 yard FG with an 11 point lead,on a 4th and medium,in the latter part of the 3rd qtr,with a terrible kicker,is a HUGE blunder. It almost cost us huge. I could go over this extensively, but to be quick I hate FG tries when up by 2, 3, 10, or 11. Especially when its getting late in the game and especially when my kicker is Carpenter and its a long try. We already possessed a 2 score lead. Adding 3 points retained a 2 score lead. We needed a TD there. A 3 score lead practically cements that game. At the least it puts Cinci in a spot where they almost have to abandon the run game and that gives us a huge edge.... Obviously. The reward is much greater than the risk in that spot. You have to go for it there.

Through the first 4 games, I thought Philbin and Sherman were almost as good as me. Im dissapointed to find out they arent. Nonetheless, they certainly arent morons either. Bad decision there, but for the most part the game management has been better than what I see from a lot of teams in the NFL. The playcalling, despite what some of the clueless on FH think, has not only been good, its been pretty great. So these guys arent me, but who is when it comes to this stuff. They definately arent complete bewbs like Tony Sparano, so thats a huge plus. I trust these guys to be an assist in the goal of winning a championship, not a road block.

4) Charles Clay can be cut. **** heem. That blunder at the end of the game is the kind of clueless **** that can cost you wins. In a league where nearly every game comes down to the final minute, you simply CAN NOT have mental errors like that. It was so bad that Donovan McNabb and Vince Young thought Clay was a moron there. Also, he dropped a pass wide open where he runs for a while after the catch. I couldve gotten over that because its a physical error, but a blunder like running out of bounds when the Bungles were out of TOs and we have to punt the ball to them was absurd. Id rather move on without him. I dont want that kind of liability on my team. I will fight Charles Clay right now. I hope he catches AIDS.

Lets hand out some grades.......

Coaching staff - B-
Outside of the huge blunder of attempting a 52 yard FG with the given variables in play it was a solid effort in a game we had to have. But, a mistake like that will turn a A into a B- or worse everytime. We were fortunate that decision didnt beat us.

Quarterback - B+
Great game. Kid made some plays and didnt turn the ball over. Play like that every week and we win almost every time.

Running Backs - C
Bengals have a pretty tough D, but guys just didnt run it with consistancy. Bush still seems like his vag is bothering him. DT ran hard but, didnt do a lot of damage. Good enough.

OL - B-
Gave Tannehill pretty good protection and gave us enough running lanes when we needed it. Not the best day ever but, a lack of penalties was a huge key for us as well.

WRs - B-
Meh. Nobody had an outstanding day but, this game was won with a solid team effort. Thats why most of the offense has average grades. The D was big.

DL - A
Nice job against the run. Got good pressure on Andy Dalton most of the day. This unit shows week in and week out why it is the best of the team.

LBs - B+
Nothing terrible from this group. Poor tackling on a couple of instances but, solid tackling most of the day. Nothing much to complain about. Pretty solid job IMHO.

DBs - A
This unit stepped the **** up today. Game sealing INT at the end. Granted that ball was thrown over target and right into Jones' hands, its about time we caught this one. This unit did a nice job most of the day on the Bungles WRs and finally helped the DL get pressure on a couple of occasions by sewing up the receivers. Wilson and Carroll did a nice job with Marshall on the sidelines.

Special Teams - C
The fumble(even though it wasnt recovered inbounds). Carpenter again. This unit has to play better. Mistakes and missed FGs need to go away.

Elsewhere in the NFL..... My prediction of Green Bay not making the playoffs isnt looking so bad is it. Green Bay is so overrated. They miss Philbin. Rodgers is discount double checked. Like I said, dude had a monster run starting late in that SB season and it kept going all the way till the playoffs last year. Stick a fork in him. He is still a good player, just not elite. His run is over. So the blue guy can give it a rest. I know he just uses that as an excuse to bash Saban, because after all, how else can you bash Saban other than to REEEEAAAACCCHHHHH with pure SPIN.

Matty ICE >>>> Rodgers. Once again, Matty Ice in a tough road game, leads his team to victory and now has them at 5-0. Another stellar day for the Ice man as he cools down that D son. He did throw a RARE int, but still throws it 50+ times for well over 300 yards and a couple of TDs for the victory. Well on his way to league MVP is Matty Ice. Unlike Rodgers, he leads his team to the victory in the end today.

Come to think of it, if we had Saban and Matty Ice, we probably go undefeated for the next 3 or 4 years.

PHINS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!