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In passing TDs with 2 after 5 games
on pace for 6 for the season...any concerns???
Ill respond to this stupid comment the same way I did when you made the stupid comment in another thread. You think that might have to do with the fact we never let him throw the ball inside the 10 unless its 3rd down and everyone knows he's going to pass the ball? We have, what 10-11 rushing TD's? We also lack any kind of red-zone threat. Bess and Hartline for all they've done this year, do NOT create mis-matches inside the redzone. Neither is a physical presence. While most teams use playaction on 1st and goal to get an easy passing td, we just pound the ball, which works most the time but not all the time. Tough to get passing TD's when you never let you QB throw the ball in the endzone inside your 10 and the few times you do its 3rd down. Also tough to get long passing touchdowns when you dont have a WR who can create on his own. His lack of TD's has nothing to do with his ability. You actually watch the games or just follow the statline? Its no coincidence that both of his TD passes have come outside the 10 yard line. QB's get the majority of their TD passes inside the 10-15 yard line. Tannehill doesnt get that benefit.