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Thread: A list of the current starting NFL QBs that Ryan Tannehill is ALREADY better than.

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    A list of the current starting NFL QBs that Ryan Tannehill is ALREADY better than.

    Keep in mind that we are talking present time. This kid should continue to get even better. We might have hit the god damned JACKPOT with this player!!!!

    I have this kid as an above average QB right now. His play demonstrates it. He played like **** in week one vs. a great Texans defense in his first ever start. Since then he has played well for the most part. Our two wins the kid has no turnovers. Thats obviously the key to our success. When he dosent turn the ball over we will be tough as hell to beat.

    Against Arizona, we saw him make every throw on any route you wanted to see. He can make them all. This week, I was blown away with how well he moved in and out of the pocket. He made some great decisions today as well as some great throws. His poise is outstanding as well. He seems to have command out there. Obviously, playing in the same system as he did in college is to his benefit, but this kid has proven he has all the tools. The sky is the limit.

    Lets run this list..... this is mine, make your own if you wish.

    1) Fitzpatrick - Totally marginal starter.
    2) Sanchez - Duh. Sanchez blows. You know how hard it is in the NFL today to not complete at least 50% of your attempts. So hard that only Sanchez hasnt done that this season.
    3) Weeden - He is looking much better than week 1, but he still cant **** with Tannebeast
    4) Dalton - Tannehill's ginger bitch today. Lauren texted Ryan after the game saying she is putting on a red wig so he can smack that ass just as hard when he gets home.
    5) Gabbert - blows
    6) Locker - I count him as the starter since he would be if not injured.
    7) Palmer - Washed up. Never the same since tearing up his knee
    8) Cassel - Hot garbage
    9) Romo - I would say he is the most overrated QB in the league, if not for some of the guys in his division
    10) Vick - Overrated fumble and INT machine. That team is good enough to win it all with Tannehill. Just think if they had a bonafied elite QB...... Dream team
    11) Bob Griffin the turd - OVER----RATED!!! Got his **** smacked by the Falcons today.... tryin to matchup with Matty Ice... GET REAL!!!!
    12) Cutler - Another overhyped guy. Wait till it gets clutch time and he throws 17 picks or gets injured
    13) Ponder - I like this player. He could develope into a solid QB. He's no Tannebeast though.
    14) Scam Newton - Hype. Put a towel on your head and sit the **** down. SuperScam.
    15) Josh Freeman - They need to draft another QB. Very marginally mediocre player.
    16) Wilson - Finding his way to the bench soon from what Mort was saying this morning. Total meh.
    17) Bradford - Very average. Rookie year may turn out to be his best.
    18) Kolb - Hes Kolb.

    So that leaves me already ranking Tannebeast as the 14th best QB in the league. Not too bad young man. To be honest, there are a couple of guys I wont have a problem putting him ahead of if he continues to play well for the rest of the season. I simply cant put him ahead of any of the elites after even a whole season, but there are a couple of guys he could certainly pass up who havent etched their name into that top tier yet.

    EDIT: Adds to the list post OP.....

    Matthew Stafford
    Philip Rivers
    Alex Smith
    Matt Schaub
    Joe Flacco
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