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agree with the postives..

i thought the game management was fine.

Fins tried to run on the last 2 drives and were getting about 3 yds...... the biggest plays on the last 2 drives were on passing plays... (pass interference 16 yards, and defensive holding.)

overall i thought it was well balanced-- run and pass.... both daniel and reggie averaged less than 3 yds per carry...so i think they needed to pass the ball to get the first downs to try and close the game.

i wont blame philbin for clays mistake of going out of bounds..... if anything put that on his positions coach...but that really just falls on the player....

no problem for me on the 53 fg....... the drive before Carpenter hit from 46... and 3 more points puts the game into 2 TD range for the bengals...you want to punt from their 35 yd yard line and try to pin them inside the 10.... ok...i get it.. touchback nets 15 yards... on the road... try to get your points..

no game is gonna be perfect.... bottom line.. its a win...

i like that fact that Tannehill didnt turn the ball over.......
Nice point about RT NOT turning the ball over. Again...progress.