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It's who I am and it's what I do. It wasn't a sacrifice when I was a soldier. I chose what I did as a profession. I chose
that my life was to kill people and break things. I didn't care much for higher learning, though I think I'm pretty
intelligent and have a good parent. After pretty much a life of being in charge of stuff, and working on contract...
A state job, which has a reasonable pension still, allows me to be who I am (I'm sort of........Your best friend.....
....But not that....actually, I'm nobody's friend.) is a heaven sent. I'm sort of bitching about it, but really, it's
the best gig I've had in a while.

There really isn't that much out there for me.

I can only match colors in earth tones.

Thanks for compressing GoonBoss in a bottle, though man. Buzzkill.

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I don't think he meant it as a bad thing.

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I don't even know what to say.

If you mean...

"Haveing really hot gay homosexual sex with the prisoners"?

No. It wasn't that.
I really wasn't upset at it. I just don't think everyone understands the role of a corrections officer. A lot of people watch tv, and think we stand in one spot all day and scratch our asses...lol....or in your case, look at balls and buttholes....LoL.