Since defensive end Jared Odrick held the microphone, this was all the fun afterglow of victory. As was the thoughtful Nolan Carroll, who played strongly in a patched-up secondary, saying this year's coaches are better than last year's coaches.
"We're better prepared,'' Carroll said. "On Saturdays this year, we all know exactly what we need to do. I think last year on Saturdays we were trying to game plan too much. If you don't know it by Saturday, you don't know it."

I think Coyle is making a big difference with the secondary players, and i know many have said on here they are not sure of Philbin's in game management but feel he is very good in preparing the team monday-saturday, which im sure we could all imagine Sparano would be over managing and tinkering with the gameplan , where I feel Philbin trusts in his players and just lets them go out and make plays rather than micro-managing like Sparano