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not even in the same universe with the way they screwed us in challenges and ball spots not even close and even your brethren thought so too in the gamethread but it just wasn't enough to stop our front 7 (who apparently have blood relations to spartans) But other then the **** calls on us it was a pretty good game. Anyway I just want to hear your thoughts on how our rookie QB which is will be our future.
He showed a lot of poise. I'm still not sold on Hartline and Bess - the Dolphins are definitely going to want to upgrade that position soon. But the O-Line is solid, the front 7 is solid - as long as Tannehill doesn't have some weird bizzaro regression for some reason, the Dolphins should be set. The Patriots time is running out, the Jets are a wreck, and the Bills...well, I'll leave them alone for awhile. Things are looking brighter than they have in a long time in Miami.