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imo we are going to be in control and not in serious trouble if Long dosent take what we offer, the ball is in our cornor to where we can offer a cotract to where we are not having to throw crazy money at Long and our team is getting better and better each week and there will be alot of players wanting to come and play here, because we have finally gotten a franchise QB, we can negociate with Long without panicing and throwing big money out there just because we dont have another option , because we do and we should be able to get a fair deal done with Long.
I hope so...but the reality of the business is you have to evaluate where Jake is in his career...his health, his level of play etc etc etc.....if his demands are not in line with what he brings to the table we are better off moving on.

I do think that many of you need to realize the scheme of offense we are running now is not exactly a perfect fit for Jake, his value is not as great.