How it is that the Jets can have 3 linebackers with +$40 mill deals, give their corner a new contract every year, sign their offensive lineman to a top deal, and give their quarterback a raise(Ha!) and have room for cap, but Miami Dolphins fans are sweating whether one of the best players on our team should be resigned?

Whether or not teams can win the Superbowl with a top ranked left tackle is irrelevant. He is one of the best players on our team and in the league for his position and should be paid accordingly. Im willing to bet that teams such as the Steelers, Packers, or Giants wouldnt turn down a top ranked left tackle. The fact of the matter is, individual players do get paid a chunk of their teams total salary. That money usually goes to quarterbacks or pass rushers. Thing is, we dont need to worry about dropping big money for our quarterback for another 2-3 years. Why not resign Long now and worry about his contract 3 years from now?

Another thing people have to remember: we are going to have to spend our cap money. The CBA is going to force us to spend upwards of 90% of our cap(cant remember the exact percentage and what year it increases). Regardless, before Tannehills next contract we will be forced to spend the vast majority of our cap. With all of that in mind, i have no doubt we can resign the majority of our players and still have enough for a stud signing.

If the Jests werent a good enough example, how about Tampa just this past offseason? They have some top paid contracts(including left tackle) and still went out and signed 2 players to huge contracts. If our front office cant figure this all out in the offseason, we have bigger problems then resigning our left tackle.