First of all, no need to go over the game today as many great posters such as wv, hooshoops, hayden fox, etc have all written great summaries.

However, now that we just beat cincy, this is where it gets real interesting.

after 5 games so far, everyone on here who has watched the miami dolphins this season knows we can easily be 4-1, but we are what we are and that is 2-3. thankfully though, the afc is looking pretty weak this season.

if u go division by division, u got the pats who are still the team to beat in the east with there offense still looking awesome, and that is with hernandez missing games, and gronkowski supposedly playing with a great deal of pain. add in a legit run game now, and an improved defense, scary.

the afc south u have the texans as division winners, the jaguars and titans are arguably the 2 worst teams in the nfl ( chiefs may have something to say) and the colts are deff a lot more competitive than people thought, but i still dont trust that defense.

the afc north, the ravens will win that division, the bengals who we own the tiebreaker over, the steelers have looked sluggish although i believe they will grab 1 of the wildcard spots, and the browns who despite being 0-5 i still think they may not even be bottom 3 teams in the afc.

the afc west, chiefs and raiders blow, broncos just have not looked, and the chargers are a decent team but noting to write home about.

bottom line, for the 2 wildcard spots, there is no reason that we can not grab one of them.

we have 6 very winnable games coming up so this is one of the reasons i am optimistic. although nothing in the nfl is a gimmee, we could easily be favorite in our next 6 games. we stop the run, pressure the qb, we can run the ball ( bush has been hurt thats why our run game has struggled the past 2 games) tannehill has matured right in front of our eyes, and seems to have very good chemistry with bess and especially hartline.

bottom line, for the first time in a few years, our team looks legit. now legit in terms of superbowl contender? most likely not, but hey part of following ur team is having hope and being optimistic, so i can dream, lol. but playoff contender? why the **** not.

it starts with doing what good teams do, and that is beat up on inferior teams. now dont get me wrong, the rams have played a lot better than i thought so far, but we r home, they lost there best weapon on offense, and there offense overall even with amendola was nothing special, so without him we should be able to contain them very easily. they do have a good psychical defense, but its a game where a playoff contender on there home turf must ****ing win, so lets go to 3-3 and into our bye week

it feels great to be a fins fan again. all of us who have stuck it out through the torture the past decade plus we deserve some happy times. please make us happy miami, we deserve it.