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Thread: Brian Hartline STILL leading the NFL in receiving yards

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZYDOLFAN305 View Post
    Let's see how long he can keep it up.
    That's what she said.

    Quote Originally Posted by FinHopeful View Post
    If Brandon was lined up on the other side, then we would be 0-5. Hartline would have 200 yards, and Brandon the complainer would be asking for the ball more. Some of you just do not understand the effect of one bad apple.
    QFT. So far, I can't complain too much about how things are turning out. We can imagine "what ifs" and what nots all day long, but work with the great group of players you already have. This may sound a little cheesy, but it's one of the quotes I live by, which really has nothing to do with my favorite sports teams, but whatever: Happiness is loving what you already have.
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    waiting for gaffney....i wasnt really high on him but I think he offers more than Armstrong. He played with Brady and co.
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    Hartline goes to the ground WAY too often after a catch.....look for it and you'll see.

    While he is a good WR (as well as probably the best on the Fins) he would not be the #1 or 2 guy on almost any other team. He is obviously Tannehill's go to guy which can morph into a problem when RT keeps only looking for/going his way. Tannehill is trying to force too many balls to Hartline and it's going to create INT's if he doesn't spread it around more.
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