How bout Rex saying that he wants to keep Revis on the active roster in case he can make it back for the SUPER BOWL.........

Thats a good one Rex. So ridiculous on a couple of levels. First the idea of the Jests making it to the Super Bowl......

Secondly, it takes up a roster spot they could use for some other terrible player.

Finally, what happens when they need that roster spot and they go ahead and place Revis on IR? Does that signal to the team that now even Rex dosent believe they are going to the Super Bowl? Will that just give more reason to the players to cave?

How bout Cromartie proclaiming that now that Revis is out that he is the best corner in the league.

First, Cromartie is no where close to this.

Second, he is suggesting that Revis is the best and he is the 2nd best. GET REAL.

First of all, they arent even the best tandem in the league. Denver has by far the best tandem in the NFL at CB. There are a couple of other teams who are up there as well.

Also, Revis is highly overrated. The idea that he is the best corner in the league is just thrown out there and everyone just goes along with it as if its some kind of lock. Ever since that one season they went 11-5, this guy has gotten a free ride. Fact is, his play has drastically declined.

If someone wanted to argue that Revis is a top 5 corner, I may buy that. He is right in that neighborhood. But, he clearly isnt the best. He had a dominant couple of seasons. But, is that supposed to mean he is just handed the title of best in the league for the rest of his career? I dont think so.

First of all, Champ Bailey is a lock hall of famer. Revis is not.

Cortland Finnegan is so underrated every year its crazy. He has been playing like the best corner in the league while Revis has been worried about contracts.

If that Talib kid ever decided to get his **** together, he has as much if not more talent than Revis and can actually make game changing plays with his INTs and return skills.

Charles Woodson is another HOF type guy with a SUPER BOWL ring to show. Revis dosent have any of that **** yet.

That Joseph dude goes under the radar a lot for some reason. I guess because he played for the Bungles and now the Texans. In the NY market, he would get a lot more credit.

Webb dosent get near enough credit for how well he plays in Baltimore.

That Grimes kid in Atlanta has come on the scene and turned into one of the leagues best. You just dont hear about him because its all about Revis.

Patrick Peterson is emerging as well and should develope into one of the leagues best. He also returns kicks and makes big plays.

I just get so sick of this passed along idea that Revis is so much the best corner in the league. It isnt true. He had one season where he probably was the best. As of the last couple of years, he simply isnt.

There are a couple of guys on that list like Champ and Woodson who have had much better careers and were never really behind Revis even when he had those couple of elite seasons. Lately, Im not even sure you classify Revis as elite in terms of CB. Cromartie is definately nowhere close. He isnt even as good as Sean Smith.

Then there are a few young or under the radar players on that list who have out performed Revis the last couple of seasons as well.

So you can run and tell THAT! Homeboy.