So imagine if you just bought the Jags and are moving them to LA and you could have any coach to build your franchise around. He would be able to choose his own GM kind of like Fisher.

What is the top ten.

For me
Phil Jackson Division- probably can go anywhere and build a system that will take you to the Super Bowl.
1. Bill Belichick- He has reinvented himself multiple times over the years. It is his most impressive asset.
2. Jim Harbaugh- His record in San Francisco speaks for itself. Almost put him ahead of BB.

Pat Riley Divsion- A cut under. Builds winners.
3. Sean Payton- His absence shows how important he is. Plus he is young.
4. John Harbaugh- Personally I think he is an awesome coach. Youth Factor important as well
5,6. Mike Tomlin/Mike Mcarthy- It is just really hard to seperate how much is it them or the fact that their organizations are elite. Both get point for their youth.
7. Tom Coughlin- He has the Qb. He has the great management, negative very old.

George Karl Division- You know what you are going to get. Solid.
8. Mike Shanahan- Builds winners though lone SB was with Elway and TD
9. Mike Smith- Quietly doing a great job
10. Andy Ried- Kind of the epitome of the George Karl Division.