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Well what I learned is Tom Brady is going to rip that Houston secondary to shreds when they play. The Jets had street free agent WR's and DB's playing WR getting open all night long imagine what NE will do. They will get Watt blocked up and easily beat the great Houston Texans.
Agreed, i think NE is better than the Texans right now. Injuries could change these teams before they play in December.

Good to see the Jets winning streak over the Texans end.

Games involving NY Jets and Houston:

2003 season: Week 7 Sun Oct 19 2003 at Hou NY Jets 19, Houston 14
2004 season: Week 13 Sun Dec 5 2004 at NYJ NY Jets 29, Houston 7
2006 season: Week 12 Sun Nov 26 2006 at NYJ NY Jets 26, Houston 11
2009 season: Week 1 Sun Sep 13 2009 at Hou NY Jets 24, Houston 7
2010 season: Week 11 Sun Nov 21 2010 at NYJ NY Jets 30, Houston 27
2012 season: Week 5 Mon Oct 8 2012 at NYJ Houston 23, NY Jets 17

Primary team NY Jets: 5-1
Points for NY Jets: 145
Points against NY Jets: 89
It seems we give up a game every year with us losing to them and the jets beating them. Good to see the streak end.
maybe that is an omen that our losing streak to texans will end. In the playoffs this year would be nice.