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I can't speak for anyone else but i have no illusions that Obama isn't extremely intelligent. However, there are thousands of people who graduate with Ivy League degrees (including GWB and a lot of other presidents and candidates) every year. That does not in any way guarantee that they are uniquely qualified to be President of the United States. That doesn't even guarantee that they have a working knowledge of the political process, economics, trade, foreign relations or social issues. There are some brilliant people in the classroom who are idiots in the real world. Obama is clearly an amazing speaker but he doesn't appear to be an amazing thinker. Thus the serious drop off when he speaks from the head/heart/hip and not from prepared materials. Add i have said, he really doesn't understand what is going on and neither do most of the people who still want him in office. If he were not cool/popular/en vogue, people would be calling for his head. His job performance has been abysmal.

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I dont think theres a single sentence in there that couldnt also be attributed to Romney. Especially the speaking from the heart/head/hip thing.

Last i checked, there wasnt some clear black and white solution to fixing economies. There are many different theories with many different results. It isnt like one side has a 100% foul proof solution and the other side is just stupid for not implementing it. If there was, the economy wouldnt have tanked under a Republican.