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Though I thoroughly disagree with the premise of the law, I think that Virginia had the right to write their marriage laws as they saw fit. I also initially think that the Supreme Court overstepped its bounds by overturning the Virginia law. Please understand though that I don't know anything more about the case than what you posted above so i do not know the specifics of the case nor the law. With that being said, I could see the criminal portion of this case being unconstitutional yet see the Supreme Court upholding Virginia being able to refuse to recognize the marriage as valid.

I believe that we will see a lot of states refusing to recognize gay marriages even if they were performed in states that do recognize it. Either way, i still don't think the federal government our supreme court should intervene either way.

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Thank you for being honest. Though I must say that if you don't think the federal government should have the power to ensure it's citizens aren't being discriminated by an utterly racist local law, we really don't have much common ground to build on.