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Thread: We Should Start Paying Our Consistent Stars Now. Up Next: Randy Starks

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    We Should Start Paying Our Consistent Stars Now. Up Next: Randy Starks

    You have to pay the guys that are consistently great. We've got a lot of up and coming players.

    Let's get Starks locked up Now. The guy has been unbelievable last three years and always dominates.

    I'd sign Randy this week. Start working on Brian Hartline, Reggie Bush and Sean Smith this month. Those three are also showing consistency. Reggie may be getting beat up lately, but he is a leader on your team and I think you have to keep him. I think Mike Pouncey has been so consistent that maybe we try to give him an early extension.

    I'd like us to get Jake Long a contract extension before the off season, and we can wait on the rest (Misi, Dansby, Burnett, Incognito etc.).

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    Smith's contract will be tricky. If he keeps playing well, he will be very expensive.

    Luckily for us Starks is an elite player at a non-elite paying position. We could probably get Starks back for a deal averaging $6-7 million per year.

    They've been trying to get Long's deal done since last year, so I won't hold my breath there.

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